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Studio Job was founded in 1998 by Job Smeets in the renaissance spirit, combining traditional and modern techniques to produce once-in-a-lifetime objects. At once highly specific and yet entirely universal, personally expressive and yet experimental, Studio Job has crafted a body of work that draws upon classical, popular and contemporary design and highly visual and sculptural art.



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February 2023

Jaski Gallery

Studio Job led by artist Job Smeets presents a new show at Jaski Gallery of rare and unusual works in a new partnership with the Amsterdam gallery. This will be the Dutch artist’s first show in the city for over a decade and the first show with renowned gallery Jaski. Several pieces have travelled directly from Job Smeets’s critically acclaimed show ‘Forever Endeavour’ at Museum W, The Netherlands. With works spanning much of Smeets’s 25 years since the studio was founded, this new exhibition aims to captivate the spirit of the retrospective, with many additional pieces available publicly for the first time in this unusual and highly personal show.

All the pieces are small-scale personal favourites from the Belgian/Dutch artist, all handmade in the Studio Job atelier in The Netherlands, with select works from many famous collections of the artist as well as unique pieces and drawings. Highlights include the rare complete Still Life gold collection (Groningen Museum) and the life-size bronze Wolf sculpture (Museum W). Also presented is a new Studio Job adaptation of the classic ‘Allen’ Frank Lloyd Wright table exclusively created for the exhibition.


The Concept

A show that Job Smeets describes as “off-beat and unusual works that don’t fit in a collection”, the small and medium-scale works are connected by their provenance from museum exhibitions and include some of the artists’ personal projects. As the Studio Job atelier hand-crafts all of its’ bronze works in-house, based on the surreal ideas of Smeets, many pieces are created as unique works based on an idea of Smeets’s that he explains “often feel compelled to make”.

Jaski Gallery’s founder Robbert van Ham was inspired to re-create the spirit of Job Smeets’ highly personal retrospective ‘Forever Endeavour’ last year, in his own Amsterdam gallery, he explains; “After seeing the Studio Job exhibition at Museum W, I knew for sure the fantastic works of Studio Job and Jaski would be a great match. Job Smeets is a great addition to our gallery. We are looking forward to showing Job’s NEVER exhibition to the Amsterdam audience.”


The Details

Select pieces that are all available to purchase for the first time, have been curated for this unique show.

“I want to re-create that feeling from Forever Endeavour in a more contemporary gallery setting. To really see the craft and the details of each work up-close” explains Smeets. Some early pieces include Sickle, Craft, (2001) and Farm Furniture, (2008) first exhibited in Milan then Groninger Museum. Exhibited are a selection of unique framed drawings spanning two decades of the studios work. Never-before-seen bronze works such as Sandbag (2019), Ming (2019) hand-painted vase, and Stewpan (2020) an overscaled pressure cooker, are shown alongside museum pieces such as the Amsterdam Chair (2016) from the Maxxi museum, Rome and the rare gold version of the highly sought-after Still Life ceramic collection (2006). The gravity-defying Streetlamp (2018) cast bronze, bowed lantern will be on show, a bold example of Smeets’s surrealist style. (see pack for images)


The show follows on from a series of large-scale Amsterdam-based projects for the studio; Hers a public bronze four-metre sculpture of his partners’ hand was unveiled in 2022 in Amsterdam-Zuid, The Rose House a complete brick and rose bronze façade on the exclusive shopping street PC Hooftstraat completed in 2020, the globally acclaimed maximalist interior for fashion icon Rolf Snoeren, and the theatrical ticket booth sculpture B*llsh*t Circus stationed in the Museumplein for Moco Museum. 2023 marks the 25th anniversary of Studio Job, and has since growing to over 25 people, been involved in over 400 shows, and becoming one of the largest single-artist ateliers in Europe.


November 2021

The Salon Art + Design Fair, New York

Studio Job and Job Smeets exhibit the new Rock Oxidised Collection at The Salon Art + Design 2021 in New York with gallery R&Company.

The Rock Oxidized collection was created as a special edition for R & Company Gallery as one of their first collaborations with Job Smeets and his studio. “I wanted to create something with classic Studio Job history, the rock pieces but with the idea they have been excavated from our archives, eroded and oxidized over time.”
This finish is hand crafted in the Studio Job atelier with the bronze sculpture to give the oxidized effect with colour and texture. The ‘rock’ structure was created by Job Smeets over twenty years ago as one of the founding sculptural elements of his work, each facet is hand crafted edge by edge to create an organic structure.
On show now at the The Salon Art + Design Fair, Park Avenue Armory 11-15 November, New York.

Idiosyncratic objects referencing pop culture and baroque ornamentation are hallmarks of Antwerp-based Studio Job. ‘Weeping Lantern’, an eery floor lamp-cum-sculpture which the Studio’s founder, Job Smeets, is presenting at Salon Art + Design with New York gallery R & Company, speaks to all these themes. Made from a combination of glass and polished and patinated bronze, it demonstrates Smeet’s mastery of materials and ability to combine wit, tradition, design and art in a single work. “This piece plays with the states of matter, shaping an industrial object gently into the impossible,” he says. “It is the meeting point between gravity-defying sculpture and realistic surrealism.”


April 2021

Masciarelli Art Project

On the occasion of it’s 40th anniversary, the Masciarelli Tenute Agricole winery announces its commitment to contemporary art.


The protagonist of the first edition of Masciarelli Art Project is Job Smeets, invited to imagine a site-specific intervention for the Castle of Semivicoli and to design a label for the Montepulciano d’Abruzzo Riserva Villa Gemma.


The installation and the label, the result of a residency period that took place in April, will be previewed in October 2021. Masciarelli Tenute Agricole, winery ambassador in the world of excellence of Abruzzo wine culture, on the occasion of the celebration of its 40th anniversary, announces its commitment to contemporary art by inaugurating Masciarelli Art Project, an initiative born with the desire to involve international talent in a dialogue with the kaleidoscopic world of Masciarelli. The project, which sees the Belgian artist and designer Job Smeets as protagonist for the first edition, includes a period of residence in the suggestive Castello di Semivicoli aimed at creating a site-specific installation and a label for Montepulciano d’Abruzzo Riserva Villa Gemma, the most representative wine of the winery.


The first edition of Masciarelli Art Project features the Belgian artist Job Smeets, founder of Studio Job, one of the most avant-garde and internationally recognized creative realities. Smeets was invited by Miriam Lee Masciarelli precisely for his eclectic and counter-current vision, and his extraordinary ability to blend in a highly recognizable style a unique craftsmanship and a contemporary and original imaginary that translates into overcoming boundaries between art and design.




Masciarelli Art Project provides for the artist a real immersion in the Masciarelli world with a period of residence in the seventeenth-century baronial Castello di Semivicoli, a monument of historical interest, which, located on the Abruzzo hills a few kilometers from the Majella National Park, is today a relais de charme among the vineyards.


Always able to fascinate great artists and travellers – it seems that Lord Byron stopped there on his return from Roccascalegna during his Grand Tour, while it was visited on several occasions by Gabriele D’Annunzio, a friend of the Baron – the Castle of Semivicoli is an evocative place, representative of Masciarelli’s identity, which thus becomes the heart of the project from which to draw inspiration, exploring the history of the company and its production, coming into contact with the terroirs of the different vineyards, the colours, the scents, the suggestions of a territory rich in tradition, in history that still manages to preserve the beauty of the past and its authenticity.



“It is an honor to be the protagonist of the first edition of Masciarelli Art Project – says Job Smeets – the tradition and magnificence of this land and this company are a great inspiration for me. Gianni Masciarelli founded the winery with an incredibly far-sighted vision, today carried out with courage by two extraordinary women Marina and Miriam.


Immersing myself in the unique and evocative atmosphere of the Semivicoli Castle, I was overwhelmed by centuries of history, surrounded by the beauty of nature and the enormous variety of vineyards.


I was extremely fascinated by the elements that help to safeguard them: roses, bees, herbs, flowers, symbols of a vigorous nature that supports the delicate balance of wine production.”


The Job Smeets residence, which took place in April, represents the starting point for the artist to imagine a site-specific intervention for the castle spaces – which will be inaugurated in October 2021 and freely visible to the public – and to design the label of the limited edition of one of the most famous wines, recognized and appreciated in the world of Casa Masciarelli: the Montepulciano d’Abruzzo Riserva Villa Gemma. A wine that, included among the 50 best wines in Italy, boasts a unique history and has been at the top of the rankings of Italian guides for over three decades.



May 2019




8 MAY – 24 NOVEMBER 2019



Carpenters Workshop Gallery, in partnership with Lombard Odier Group, present DYSFUNCTIONAL, an immersive exhibition of collectible design at Ca’d’Oro, during the Venice Biennale 2019


The exhibition will present works by established and rising artists seeking to break the thin boundaries between art, architecture and design. The site-specific works combine extraordinary craftsmanship with strong artistic and emotional expression.


September 2019

Blow at Maison et Object

The Gospel, The Crucifixion, The Birth

Since we are all anarchists hereby we bring you the light gospel according to Job!

Oh Maria! Anarchy! Cartoon holy! Unserious blasphemy! Contemporary Jesus! Holy Happy! Great Gabriel! Good heavens! Biblical funk! Wear that Bible belt! Noahs Party Boat! 

Whether religious or not, you can feel the incredible drama and energy of the lights. Classic tradition mixed with real modern life.

Studio Job are proud to announce the launch of a new collection for Blow their joint with Seletti during the Maison et Object fair in Paris in 6th-10th September. The new collection is inspired by classic Studio aJob art works The Gospel from 2009, this new range of neons and products brings these high end art works into everyone’s home.


April 2019

Gaasbeek Castle

Expo:  7.04 – 28.07.2019


Gaasbeek Castle hold it’s inauguration of the new sculpture “The Peasant Wedding” in the garden of the Hermitage. Studio Job created this powerful sculpture for the current exhibition “Feast of Fools.” Bruegel rediscovered.


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We advise you to provide at least 2 hours for your visit.


April 2019


Studio Job x Qeeboo
Salone Del Mobile 2019
9th – 14th April 2019


The new Rusted Collection
limited edition hand-finished pieces launching at Corso Como 10


The Velvet Collection launching at La Rinescente, classic Studio Job pieces in a new luxury finish.

Studio Job will be launching two new lamps; V-2 Scheider, rocket shaped lamp & Empire the new architectural classic.


Corso Como, 10, 20154 Milano
La Rinascente, Piazza del Duomo, Milano
Salone Del Mobile – Hall ITL, Showroom E 02


April 2019


Job & Seletti
Salone Del Mobile 2019
9th – 14th April 2019


  • The Lazy President & The Lazy Painter Pop & Lock (metal furniture)
  • New Table and Living Room Streetlamps


Blow are proud to now launch the new collection of chairs, The Lazy President & The Lazy Painter, reclining armchairs for the laziest leaders, artists and people in the world.
Also new for 2019 is their new metal furniture Pop & Lock, a pop art pick ’n’ mix to express your own identity.


Seletti Store Milano, Corso Garibaldi, 117, 20121 Milano MI
Salone del Mobile – Hall 10, E100


April 2019

Design Pride

10th April, 6pm from Piazza Castello corner Via Minghetti, Party afterwards at Piazza Affari


April 2019

House of Job

Salone Del Mobile 2019
9th – 14th April 2019


House of Job Milano, the art and design studio present their new private gallery space in Milan showing new sculptural work and classic pieces from the last 20 years.


Having been exhibiting and working in Milan and Italy for over 20 years, now in 2019 for their anniversary Studio  Job has opened their first permeant base in Milano. The space will be a living gallery and studio space, and for the Salone del Mobile Studio Job will hold it’s first exhibition, showcasing new never before seen art pieces, as well as classic art and design pieces from Studio Job’s oeuvre. The pieces will sit alongside collaborations with many Italian makers such as Venini, Seletti, Qeeboo and Gufram. Studio Job will be hosting a ‘House Warming’ event during the design week for press and special guests to attend. This will be the first Studio Job Gallery exhibition since 2015.