Studio Job - Apocalype Calypso

Studio Job was founded in 1998 by Job Smeets in the renaissance spirit, combining traditional and modern techniques to produce once-in-a-lifetime objects. At once highly specific and yet entirely universal, personally expressive and yet experimental, Studio Job has crafted a body of work that draws upon classical, popular and contemporary design and highly visual and sculptural art.



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Studio Job

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03 November 2023

Apocalypse Calypso Music Video

The video for the sensuous pop lament Apocalypse Calypso is a collaboration between Mika, Studio Job (Netherlands-based atelier of conceptual artist Job Smeets) and director Chris Turner (Favourite Colour: Black). It balances Mika’s exuberant performance with Studio Job’s remarkable creations, which come together in a series of playful vignettes where the singer himself becomes part of the studio’s art.

In a breathtaking display of artistic synergy, international pop sensation Mika and renowned artist Job Smeets have come together for a visual masterpiece like no other. The music video “Apocalypse Calypso,” is a mesmerizing celebration of a creative partnership that has spanned over a decade, set against the backdrop of Studio Job atelier’s captivating creative space.

Following his recent performance at the Rugby World Cup Final in Paris in front of over 160 million viewers last week, featuring the Studio Job heart piano – Mika has released the highly crafted art-focused “Apocalypse Calypso” music video. This captivating masterpiece which can be seen as a ‘moving art piece’ not only features a series of monumental Studio Job artworks but also showcases the talents of the artist himself, Job Smeets, alongside select Studio Job team members.

Filmed within the atmospheric confines of the artist’s workshop in the Netherlands, “Apocalypse Calypso,” directed by acclaimed filmmaker Chris Turner, immerses viewers in the captivating world of Studio Job atelier. From the mesmerizing welding room to the flaming DAF car, the video takes audiences on an unforgettable visual journey.

Key Studio Job works include: Crystal Globe – created from over half a million individually applied Swarovski crystals and used in the ‘No Place in Heaven’ Tour alongside unpolished bonze bird wings; Bronze Sofa, (‘Bring Yourself’ sculpture) surrounded by an array of Studio Job bronze works; Pumpkin Lamp, 2014; Flame Car (unreleased); American Job Cadillac; Magnifying Glass sculpture (unreleased), created for the upcoming project Huis van Delft; The New ‘Wing’ Grand Piano, for Mika 2023; Welding Room featuring Lennart Zuydervelt from Studio Job; Papier-Mâché Suit Crafted by the Studio featuring Bram Peijnenborg from Studio Job

Within the video, viewers will find the artist himself, Job Smeets, perched atop his Cadillac Eldorado turne sculpture, the read-trip vehicle that was the starting inspiration for his 2022 American Job show in New York. The video also features Job’s partner, Rebecca Sharkey, as well as other Studio Job team members welding and adorning the singer with papier-mâché in another.

Job Smeets explains: “I always wanted to be a pop star, Ziggy Stardust. Mika to me is that alter ego. A brother in creation, we have a very special bond that’s very rare, that you can only have with a few friends in your life. Therefore its long lasting and always inspiring, and it flows by itself, it’s almost an automatic process it just grows.”

Quote from director Chris Turner: “I was given access to a huge selection of beautifully strange artworks to use however I liked: The solid bronze couch (so heavy it needed a forklift to move it) is a sculptural representation of the late designer Jan des Bouvrie’s iconic Cubic sofa; The imposing sculpted angel wing piano created especially for Mika; A glittering globe, hand-crafted from half a million coloured Swarovski crystals. Pumpkin lamps with handblown googly eyes. Giant bronze magnifying glasses. We even got to cover Mika head-to-toe with Job’s trademark papier mâché finish. Combine these with Mika’s inimitable style (check out the suit made from 6000 custom-made mirror tiles) and you have a wonderful set of ingredients to work with.” He added “A massive thanks for Job and his wife Sharkey (who both cameo in the video) for their warm welcome, and the hard work of the entire Studio Job team.”

The “Apocalypse Calypso” video was expertly directed by acclaimed filmmaker Chris Turner, known for his remarkable work screened at festivals such as Raindance, The London Short Film Festival, The Berlin Fashion Film Festival, and many more. Chris has an impressive track record of working with commercial clients, including Jaguar, Adidas, Honda, AMC, and Sprint, as well as collaborating with a diverse range of musical artists such as Birdy, Hurts, Jay-Z, Jax Jones, The Vamps, and Gazelle Twin.

Watch the Video Here