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Studio Job was founded in 1998 by Job Smeets in the renaissance spirit, combining traditional and modern techniques to produce once-in-a-lifetime objects. At once highly specific and yet entirely universal, personally expressive and yet experimental, Studio Job has crafted a body of work that draws upon classical, popular and contemporary design and highly visual and sculptural art.



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Studio Job

Work label

Studio Job Gallery

In December 2009, Studio Job opened their own curatorial exhibition space for contemporary art and design in the heart of Antwerp. Created as a headquarters and gallery same for their own and other artists work.

  • Location
  • Antwerp, Belgium
  • Size
  • 250 m2

Chameleonic Space

by Arjen Ribbens

Studio Job Gallery was an addition to the design studio, production ateliers and Studio Job House, Studio Job Suite and Lounge in Netherlands. This expansive industrial space (250m2) was located on the ground floor of a former cigar factory on the Begijnenvest, not far from the museum quarter in het Zuid. The space was also intended to function as a platform and refuge for other artists, designers, curators, galleries and museums.


Studio Job was aiming for three exhibitions per year. During the opening exhibition The Birth (in cooperation with Zuiderzeemuseum) and only their own work was on display but since came many guest exhibitors; Viktor & Rolf, Gerrit Thomas Rietveld in cooperation with Central Museum Utrecht and many more.


Studio Job cannot be described simply as a gallery. “Call it a chameleonic space”, says Job Smeets.